Bellamy 'Unique Designs' Children's Teepees

Each Teepee is as unique as the child who will enjoy it for years!

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If you are looking for a
for a very special child
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No Batteries!   No Electronics!

Only requires imagination for
creative, wholesome fun!

Bellamy 'Unique Design' Children's Teepees are made of unbleached muslin fabric and pine lumber. Our Teepees are hand painted with Native American designs and symbols. The spacious interior allows plenty of room for several children and their toys.

The Teepee is completely assembled and can be set up in less than a minute (honestly) and can be easily collapsed, like an umbrella, for convenient storage.

The sticks are totally encased in fabric except at the top and won't scratch floors, making the Teepee ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.


Our Children's Teepee is 'Super' Size!

One size fits all, from toddlers to ten year olds, with plenty of space for toys and friends!

  • Set Up Size:
        5 1/2 feet tall
        6 1/2 feet diameter

  • Closed Size:
        7 feet tall
        5 inches diameter

  • Weight (with Sticks): Approx. 13 lbs.

LOTS of OPTIONS: You may choose to have your Teepee Painted and Fully Assembled. Or order an unpainted Teepee and you and the kids can paint it yourselves!

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles...

The Teepee is a great 'group' gift. Each child will have their own panel with their name and a Native American scene created especially for them.

MADE IN THE USA: Our teepees are machine sewn by our expreienced seamstresses and handpainted by Amy, the teepee artist, in our workshop in Lafayette, NJ.


Bellamy 'Unique Designs' Children's Teepees are made from natural materials: cotton fabric and wood. They are painted with non-toxic acrylic paint.

The Teepee is not meant to be a tent or rain shelter, but rather a fun play house for children from the ages of 2 through about 10 years old. It has a flap style door which may be rolled up and tied out of the way.

The actual teepee is for children, of course, but the design for the simple set up and easy storage of the teepee was created with parents in mind.

Amy developed this unique pattern over 28 years ago. The basic idea came from her childhood memories of creating a play fort out of the dining room table and tons of blankets. It was wonderful fun for the kids, but a nightmare for her mother...


There are children as young as a year old who have fun crawling into the Teepees that their parents or grandparents have ordered for them. Children up to age 10 enjoy the teepees. Kids who over 10 may be too old for a teepee, but it kind of depends on the individual child.


Years of research has provided us with a wide assortment of Native American symbols and designs. Each teepee comes with a Native American Design Guide - an 11 page set of hand-drawn symbols so the child can learn the meaning of each individual painting on the teepee.

Every teepee is custom painted for the age and gender of the child or children. We paint the teepees for the younger children with symbols that they can recognize: fish, deer, horses, turtles and lot of others. For older children who are reading or close to it, we paint a panel of symbols that they can match to the flyer to learn what the symbols represent, such as seasons, weather, days & nights, protection, and more.

Natural Colors & Earthtones
Most of our teepees are painted using natural colors and earthtones, colors that Native Americans may have mixed using berries, plants and crushed rocks & minerals. These colors include shades of green, blue, and brown, sunny yellow, bright red, orange, gray, white.

Indian Princess Teepee
Not to seem gender-biased, but we have found that little girls like rainbows, flowers, and butterflies (while the boys like crawly things like lizards and snakes). Our 'Indian Princess' Teepee is painted with pastel colors of pinks, purples, aqua and has lots of pretty designs that little girls love!

Order a Painted, Fully Assembled Teepee
Just minutes from box to play!

and have fun painting!

We offer 2 Great Kit Options!

Assembled Kit: Comes with everything you need:
  • Unpainted Teepee
  • Fully Assembled
  • Paint Set & Design Guide

Teepee Kit in a Box:
  • Unpainted Teepee
  • Paint Set & Design Guide
  • Does NOT include sticks

Just add sticks & imagination!

Call 973-459-2791 (NJ) with any questions. We'll be happy to hear from you!

Order Online Today!

The Assembled Teepee Kit comes fully assembled and ready to paint. The Kit includes the Paint Set and Native American Design Guide.

The Unassembled Teepee Kit is shipped flat in a box (without sticks). The sticks are simple pine lumber (#2 pine 1" x 2") and can be purchased at any lumber yard or home center for about $2.75 each. The Kit includes the Paint Set and Native American Design Guide.

The Paint Set contains 12 non-toxic acrylic paints and 3 paint brushes. The colors are a combination of primary colors and earthtones: red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, pale blue, dark blue, light brown, dark brown, dark red, gray, and white.

Every Teepee comes with our Native American Design Guide - an 11 page booklet of hand drawn Native American symbols AND several pages of ideas for scenes incorporating the many symbols. Lightly draw the design in matching color pencil and have a blast painting!


All Teepees are 'Super' Size!

You can chose from these many options:


    • Teepee: Painted,Assembled

    • Teepee: Painted, Unassembled (no sticks)


    • Teepee Kit: Unpainted, Assembled
      includes Paint Set and Native American Design Guide

    • Teepee Kit: Unpainted, Unassembled (no sticks)
      includes Paint Set and Native American Design Guide

    • Teepee: Unpainted, Assembled
      includes Native American Design Guide

    • Teepee: Unpainted, Unassembled (no sticks)
      includes Native American Design Guide

Call 973-459-2791 (NJ) with any questions.
We'll be happy to hear from you!

Order Online Today!

Enhance the Experience...

Set up the Teepee indoors or outdoors on a large blanket. Encourage the children to gather materials to make a Native American camp: a pretend campfire, cooking pots, utensils, bedding, etc. Serve them 'meal' of trail mix made up of small snack foods: pretzels, tiny crackers, raisins, mini-marshmallows and whatever else you have on-hand.

Enhance the Gift...

Shop your local stores for a fake fur Bear Rug or blanket with Native American Designs. Add a feather headband, Native American vest or outfit, or tom-tom. Give your special child a book of Native American stories.

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